BikePakmart - Bicycle Micro Floor Pump with In-Line Gauge, 11", 140 psi, Reversible Presta Schrader

BV 11" Micro Floor Pump, In-Line Gauge (Out)

BV 11" Micro Floor Pump, In-Line Gauge (Out)
Name:BV 11" Micro Floor Pump, In-Line Gauge (Out)
Item #:BV-GM71
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BV Bike 11" Micro Floor Tire Pump Portabe, Presta and Schrader Air Valve, In-Line Gauge - BV-GM71

Compact 11 in Mini Pump and In-line Gauge

Frame Mount with 3 Mounting Options

Mount on Bike Frame

Material Aluminum
Max. Pressure 140 psi
Valve Type Presta and Schrader
Weight 7.4 oz
Mount Frame Mount
2 Bolts
2 Heavy Duty Cable Ties
1 Velcro Strap
Dimensions 11 in x 2 in x 1 in
Item No. BV-GM71

Detail Specs

The GM71 is a super compact and lightweight, high pressure, micro floor pump with an in-line gauge. Both the foot stand and handle fold up into a small package.

At only 11", the maximum pressure is 140 psi. It is reversible for Presta and Schrader valves. The extra-long hose is flexible and the rotating nozzle allow for easier operation.

It comes with a holder that mounts where a bottle cage mounts on a bike. Velcro straps and heavy duty cable ties are included for mounting on other parts of bike frames. With 3 mounting options and packed with features, the micro pump is highly versatile and flexible.

How to reverse a Presta Schrader valve

Valve Demo