BikePakmart - BV Super Bright Pollywog LED Safety Light Set

BV Super Bright Pollywog LED Safety Light Set (OUT)

BV Super Bright Pollywog LED Safety Light Set (OUT)
Name:BV Super Bright Pollywog LED Safety Light Set (OUT)
Item #:BV-L803
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BV Bike Red and White Super Bright Pollywog LED Safety Light Set - BV-L803

White Front Light and Red Tail Light

Tool-less Wrap-around Mount

Fits Most Handlebars

3 LED Modes Constant
Strobe, Emergency Flashing
Run Time Up to 100 hours
Batteries 2 Included for Each Light (4 total, CR2032 Lithium)
Water Resistant Yes
Mount Type Toolless Wrap-around
Dimensions 3.5 in x 1.25 in x 0.8 in
0.6 in - 1.4 in (15-35 mm) Diameter (Fits Most Handlebars)
Weight 0.7 oz (19 g) (With Battery)
Color 1 x White
1 x Red
Item No.


Detail Specs

The white front light and red tail light mount quickly onto bicycle handlebars, seat posts, baskets, bags, helmets or clothes.

Great for cycling, running, or any activity where visibility and safety are a concern.

The flexible stretchy body wraps around handlebars and hooks onto the integrated clip quickly and easily, tool-free!

Won't damage paint on bicycles. Be creative in placement with its many uses; bicycle spokes, pedals, backpacks or even dog collars and children's shoes!

Batteries are easy to install, just pull back the body from the battery compartment and slide the batteries in. A quick-release latch releases them in less than a second.

The On/Off switch is concealed. Just press the top of the light to turn it on or switch between modes. One press for "on" and another for "flash", press again to turn it off.

Place it Anywhere on a Bike

Attach to frames, baskets, bags, helmets, or clothes!

Flashing Modes Alert Motorists of Cyclists